Provinz Verlag

The Provinz Verlag is a non profit publishing house. Its intention is the publication of literature, art and science, which is worth of being promoted. The Provinz Verlag especially promotes literature from South Tyrol.

We have a close partnership with this publishing house. We take care of the comprehensive updates of the homepage including new publications, book reviews and announcments of events and we are also hosting the website on our server.

You can order the books which have been published by the Provinz Verlag online.

Link to the website:

Hans Perting

We have been creating the homepage of the south tyrolian autor Hans Perting and hosting it since then on our server. It is updated on a regular base by our company when there are new publications, book reviews and announcments of public readings.

The following books of Hans Perting have been published last: "Im sechsten Arm", "Des Purpurhutes" and "Der Kranich" (also available as audiobook).

It is possible to order the books online at the website of the publishing house Provinz Verlag.

Link to the website:

Der Wilderer im Nationalpark (The Poacher in the Nature Preserve)

We have been creating the homepage of this south tyrolian bestseller and hosting it since 2003. This book, which was released by the Provinz Verlag caused quite a stir in South Tyrol because of its explosive topic.

Horst Eberhöfer describes in this autobiographical book stories about hunter's passion, the dangers of illegal hunting and the high spirits of youth. It also gave critics of the hunting ban within the nature preserve Stilfser Joch a voice..

It is possible to order book on the website if you are interested in the book and want to buy it.

Link to the website:


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